Windows Mixed Reality headsets are getting SteamVR support later today as an early preview, but don't expect to get the best experience just yet.

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Software developers at Microsoft have been working on a new method of automated testing. A technique called fuzzing relies on inputting mass amounts of data into a program to try and force a crash or unexpected behavior to occur so that an exploit can be found. In an effort to...

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The infamous Chinese cracking group 3DM has lost its legal battle with Koei Tecmo. A Chinese court sided with the game maker, awarding the company the equivalent of $245,000 in piracy damages and legal fees. In addition, the group is ordered to stop pirating Koei Tecmo games in future.

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Kickstarter in early 2016 acquired Drip, a service that paired independent artists and record labels with those interested in supporting them financially via subscriptions. It was kind of like Patreon, but specifically for music.

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