Tinder used Hump Day to unveil a new premium feature for those willing to open their wallets in the pursuit of love. Tinder Gold, described by the company as a first-class swipe experience, includes a feature called “Likes You.”

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 Most investors are trying to get a handle on initial coin offerings, which have begun racing through the tech ecosystem like a fire, veering off into multiple directions and causing excitement and confusion and some degree of terror as they grow in number. In the simplest terms, the offerings enable startups to create their own digital currencies and sell them to users who can either redeem… Read More
 In response to a series of questions posed by District Judge William Alsup, Uber claims that no one there was aware of any proprietary information taken from Waymo until that company had filed its lawsuit. Read More
 The description of the Petya infections hitting computers worldwide as “ransomware” may be a misnomer, security analysts suggest. The malicious software’s code and other evidence indicate that the profit motive may have been a camouflage for an act of cyber-espionage targeting Ukraine. Read More
 Glooko, a startup selling data management healthcare service on top of a device-agnostic platform to make it easier for doctors to remotely monitor patients, has pulled in $35 million Series C funding. It had previously raised $20 million, bringing the total up to $55 million. The startup was shy about how many were using the platform last time TechCrunch wrote about the company. But it… Read More