crunchies-fastest-noms The 9th Annual Crunchies are almost upon us. On February 8, people from some of the best and brightest startups around will descend upon San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House to take part in an event that’s best described as the Oscars of startups and technology. Read More

There has been another increase in the number of copyright troll cases filed in the United States. In 2015 so-called John Doe litigation made up almost 58% of all copyright cases, with one company accounting for four out ten filed. However, since 2010 there has also been an 84% reduction in the number of people being targeted.

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ISIS has been blocked out of many messaging apps already, so the organization has decided to create its own encrypted Android messaging app for organizing terrorist attacks and other mayhem in secrecy.

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flux-ios As many noted when Apple released its beta version of iOS earlier this week, one of the mobile operating system’s newest features, a nighttime reading mode with reduced blue light emissions, looked awfully familiar. The ability to adjust the screen brightness on iOS devices is something software maker F.lux has been developing for years. Its technology, which even briefly worked on… Read More

Mike Hearn, a five-year industry veteran and one of the most well-known developers and advocates of Bitcoin, has come to the conclusion that the "experiment" has failed.

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