PawSquad UK startup PawSquad is expanding coverage for an on-demand service that brings vets to pets — offering convenience and reduced stress for pet owners willing to stump up a little more than they’d pay for a check up at a bricks-and-mortar vet. Read More

The connected car market is expected to be huge in the coming years, but while we wait for that future, several companies are looking for ways to bring smarts into existing vehicles. One of them is Dride, a San Francisco-based startup that’s kickstarting a Raspberri Pi-based Alexa-enabled dashcam.

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Huawei P8 Last year, Huawei leapfrogged a couple of fellow Chinese hardware companies to secure its spot as the third largest smartphone maker worldwide. As the company takes aim at the number two spot, it’s apparently working to differentiate itself even more from the competition by developing more proprietary tech, adding to a list of components that already includes its own in-house… Read More

E3 2017 is shaping up to be quite the event. In addition to being open to the general public for the first time ever, Microsoft has revealed the date and time for its annual briefing complete with Project Scorpio teaser.

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musk-deleted-tweets Tesla CEO Elon Musk addressed Trump’s immigration ban on Muslim majority nations directly via Twitter on Wednesday, saying that the order is “not right” and refers to it as a “Muslim immigration ban” – but he then deleted those tweets almost immediately, referring to them as “earlier drafts.” The specific wording was very strong, using terms… Read More