On this episode of the Sams Report, now that the Surface Book 2 has been released, it's time to answer all the questions you have about the new device.

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Star Wars: Battlefront II frustrates me in ways I never knew I could be frustrated. It is both a lovingly crafted companion to the films and a tangled mess of corporate meddling. There is a strong heart at the center but finding it means peeling back layers of unnecessary and...

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 Spotify has acquired online music studio startup Soundtrap, the company announced via a blog post this morning. The three year-old company is the maker of a cloud-based, collaborative music and podcast recording studio which includes its own collection of loops, as well as the ability to connect your instruments. The move signals Spotify’s intentions to not just be a distributor of… Read More

Apple's AirPods are great if you want average-sounding headphones in a convenient package with lackluster gesture support.

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Boston Dynamics' robots often cause those concerned about a Terminator-style future to sweat slightly. But despite several new iterations of its Atlas robot over the years, the machine still stumbled around like it had knocked back one too many vodka shots. Now, however, it’s doing parkour and backflips.

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