Thanksgiving is all about family, friends and gratefulness. The following day, on the other hand, is dedicated to rampant consumerism and generally attempting to not get trampled by a stampede of fellow deal seekers. In honor of making your Thanksgiving weekend slightly less stressful than it has to be, here’s a roundup of some of the best tech deals you’ll find a week from today. Read More

The sequel to the most pirated movie of 2016, Deadpool, will not hit theaters until next summer. To tide us over, the Regenerating Degenerate (Ryan Reynolds) has graced us with a teaser trailer.

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On this live episode of First Ring Daily, Brad reviews his AirPods, Paul reviews his Pixel, and Microsoft tosses us a new build of Windows with new features.

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With Bitcoin values continuing to climb (they’re approaching $8,000 per as of writing), one has to wonder what the overall rationale is behind those involved in the cryptocurrency. Is it truly being used as an alternative currency or are people simply looking to turn a long-term profit? For those answers...

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Windows 10 S at 6 (Months)

Windows 10 S has been available for about six months. Has the experience changed or improved at all in that time?

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