Code2040, founded by Laura Weidman Powers and Tristan Walker, recently raised $5.6 million to advance its diversity and inclusion efforts in technology. The latest funding comes from The Knight Foundation, The Sara and Ev Williams Foundation and others, and brings Code2040’s total funding raised to more than $7 million. Code2040’s Fellows program, which first launched in 2012… Read More

Microsoft’s Common Language Runtime, the virtual machine that anchors the .Net Framework, is due for a makeover, with the company announcing plans to make the CLR more efficient and scalable.

Key to this modernization will be improvements to the intermediate language underlying the CLR, called IL, which has not been upgraded in 10 years, said Mads Torgersen, lead designer for C# at Microsoft. The company wants to improve the IL and make the CLR a richer target for programming languages. 

The goal of the CLR is to run .Net programs efficiently. Currently the biggest problem with .Net is the inherent limits of scalability of the runtime itself, Ben Watson, Microsoft principal software engineer, said. The CLR is being pushed beyond its original intention and design. Watson explained that when multiple gigabytes of code are being loaded, algorithms built into the CLR start breaking down. 

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Many people have the same username across multiple online accounts and forums, but have you ever wondered what some of them mean? For every Pepe_lover93, Dr.Sausage, and ChodeMaster9000, there’s an online handle with a story behind it. What’s yours?

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The Federal Communications Commission last year voted to approve a subsidy that would make it more affordable for low-income households to obtain broadband Internet access. The plan, which would offer a monthly subsidy of $9.25, was pushed through before the election under Democratic majority.

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