Android, Windows Phone, and iPhoneApple appears to be taking some inspiration from Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system with their next iOS update by introducing their own version of Live Tiles. On Windows 10, Live Tiles are basically the app icons which display on the Start Menu/Screen. They can be resized and have the ability to update their visual appearance […]
R.B.I. Baseball 17 on Xbox OneR.B.I. Baseball 17 has been announced for launch on Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console in spring of this year. This will be the fourth entry in the R.B.I. Baseball video game franchise and will cost $19.99 on the Xbox One. Along with the game announcement, the official R.B.I. Baseball website also revealed that Dodgers […]
Xbox 360 GamesNick Bertke, a music producer and remixer, has created a music track made entirely from sounds relating to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 video game console. He uses the eject and power beeps, sounds of the console itself being hit, as well as recordings of Xbox 360 game cases colliding with each other. “Making something entirely out […]
We recently saw the first leaked live photo of the Galaxy S8 and it more or less confirmed some of the things we’ve been hearing about this handset. For example, it confirmed that the physical home button is being ditched and the fingerprint scanner is being moved to the back. It also confirmed that the […]
google-shop13 Google has created its largest humanitarian fund to date in response to President Trump’s executive order on immigration. The search giant’s newest ‘crisis campaign’ is $4 million in size. The money will be donated to four organizations: the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC), International Rescue Committee (IRC) and UN… Read More