OneLogin, a major access management service (think corporate-level password manager) alerted its users yesterday of “unauthorized access” to the data of its US-based users. That kind of thing isn’t always serious… but it turns out this one sure was. An update posted today reveals the hacker may have had very deep access indeed. Read More
 The US is buttressing its paperwork walls with new requirements for social media disclosures as part of revised Visa applications. Reported by Reuters earlier today, the decision from the US government’s Office of Management and Budget was made over strenuous objections from education and academic groups during a public comment period. The new questionnaire will ask for social media… Read More
 The Spark is, at once, an impressive feat of engineering and a reminder that drones are a ways from being true mainstream devices. It’s DJI’s smallest and cheapest drone by far, and the company also has tossed in some neat gesture control tricks that make you feel like Luke Skywalker for the 16 minutes it’s in the air. But there are still a lot of kinks to work out. Read More

Bing may not be your default search engine but with its latest addition, Microsoft is hoping to get you to reconsider. Expanding on the “Search by Image” capability added a few years back that let users conduct reverse image searches based on an entire image, Bing users are now able...

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If you're a Windows Insider, be careful not to install any new builds today: An internal mishap at Microsoft has triggered an errant release.

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