Following rumors that Samsung was going to ditch the physical home button for the Galaxy S8 we got what might possibly be our first glimpse at the next flagship last week. If everything it revealed is true then the Galaxy S8′s fingerprint sensor will be placed alongside the rear camera. Having a fingerprint sensor on […]
One Surface Pro 4 Configuration is 20 Percent Off

In another sign that Microsoft is winding down Surface Pro 4 sales, one configuration of this device is now 20 percent off. Should you buy it?

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ws_cafex_close The world’s first coffee shop opened in Constantinople in 1555. But Cafe X wants to put a twist on the centuries old barista model. Opening in San Francisco today, the startup is opting instead to have a large robotic arm craft your caffeinated potions. Founder Henry Hu noticed that baristas spent a majority of their time moving cups around while making espresso drinks. So, much… Read More
c3wrhluueaaxcqq-jpg-large SpaceX hosted a hyperloop pod design test competition at its Hawthorne headquarters this past weekend, where student teams got the chance to run their pod designs in low-pressure environments in a test track for the first time. There were a number of teams competing, with 30 in total selected to come down for the trials, but only three were actually able to perform runs this weekend, since… Read More
Xbox 360 Edition and Minecraft: Xbox One Edition have received some new bug fixes, gameplay improvements as well as additional achievements for Survival and Tumble.