Pixel is a Lie

Say what you will about their respective mobile strategies, but Microsoft at least has the class to make its own hardware.

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 In a time where every startup seems to be using machine learning to sift through massive amounts of data, Scalyr is a cloud-based service that is taking a different approach. It has built a tool the founder claims can sort through massive amounts of log data at lightning speed when compared to conventional logging tools — and it doesn’t require machine learning to make it… Read More

Those of a certain age may have gaming moments from the halcyon years of the 1990s burned into their minds. Who could forget Monkey Island’s 'insult sword fighting' section, the title music from Sonic the Hedgehog, or the first time you heard “finish him” while playing Mortal Kombat. ...

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Following its arrival in the enterprise market earlier this year, last month brought news that Intel had launched Optane SSD 900P, a consumer version of the solid-state drive based on 3D XPoint technology. But Samsung is looking to challenge Optane with its own blistering fast storage tech derived from its...

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