candlelight xbox oneCandleman, a 3D platformer developed by Chinese indie game studio Spotlightor Interactive may be one of the most interesting games to be released on the Xbox One this week.
Samsung often launches new accessories with its flagship smartphones and it’s likely to do that in March when it unveils the Galaxy S8. According to a new report, the company is going to launch the new Samsung Level In ANC wireless headphones with Active Noise Cancelling feature alongside the Galaxy S8. The company already launched […]
Fitbit Flex 2 As anticipated, wearable leader Fitbit kicked off the week by announcing a six-percent reduction in global work force, following disappointing fourth quarter financials. The company will go into greater detail on today’s earnings call, but a preliminary statement issued this morning details the loss of 110 jobs, as part of a “reorganization of its business” designed to… Read More
screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-9-44-11-am Starbucks is embracing the trend towards voice-based computing with the launch of a new feature in its mobile app called My Starbucks barista, which allows customers to order and pay for their food and drinks just by speaking. This includes being able to modify their drink order, as if they were speaking with a barista in real life. Additionally, the company is launching a skill for the… Read More
It has only been about three days since build 15019 dropped, and Dona Sarkar and the Windows Insider team need a few more days to look at data, so a new build will not come on Monday, or Tuesday for both PC and Mobile.