Addepar, the provider of data collection and monitoring services for the financial industry (it’s Palantir’s somewhat less ethically compromised cousin), has raised a whopping $140 million in its latest round of funding. The company’s financing, which likely makes it a unicorn if it wasn’t already (company chief executive Eric Poirier refused to comment on the… Read More
 In its short existence as a startup, London-based Roli has created two of the most compelling music making devices in recent memory. The Seaboard was a material rethink of the standard electric keyboard with a rubbery surface that allows played notes to be manipulated directly in a variety of ways. And the company went in an altogether different direction last year with Blocks — a system… Read More
The Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ are one of the best smartphones released this year. However, people who used one of these devices will quickly point out the awkward placement of the fingerprint reader. It was reported that Samsung poured a lot of money in developing an in-screen fingerprint reader for these devices, but failed to achieve favorable […]
 London-based Trint, a startup co-founded by Emmy-winning journalist Jeff Kofman, is tackling a paint-point I know all too well: the time it takes to transcribe an interview (or any audio) accurately. Read More
Entrepreneur First, the company builder and early-stage investor, has recruited two new Ventures Partners, each of whom have exited a London startup in the last couple of years. Read More