Wildlife conservation groups have made a lot of strides in raising awareness of animals whose populations or natural habitats are endangered, and what we can do to help. Now a startup out of Kenya is tapping into advances made in augmented reality, mapping and app-based games to further the cause. Internet of Elephants, a startup based out of Nairobi, is building an app-based game of the same… Read More
 Meet DreamQuark, a French startup that want to help banks, insurance companies and asset management firms for all their artificial intelligence needs. DreamQuark crunches your data, creates models based on machine learning and lets you apply those models on all past and future data points. Many banks still rely on COBOL code to compute all sorts of financial operations. COBOL is a reliable… Read More
 Pressure is mounting on the UK government to close loopholes in employment law to protect people working in the gig economy from being underpaid and otherwise exploited. Read More

The OnePlus 5T is an incremental upgrade and replacement of the OnePlus 5 launched just 5 months ago. The most remarkable change: a larger screen with less bezel and face recognition, the 5T remains one of the best value high-end phones you can buy.

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Microsoft Edge Preview is Updated on iPhone

Microsoft's Edge browser now lets you sync your passwords across your Windows 10 device and your iPhone.

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