Secret Messages Uncovered in Xbox Project Scorpio Video

Tech enthusiasts have uncovered secret messages in a set of Microsoft teaser videos that may hint at the release date for the Xbox "Project Scorpio" console. Plus some other clues. Maybe.

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 The proportion of jobs being made redundant across AOL and Yahoo is around 15 per cent globally, we have confirmed with our sources. This shakes out to as many as 2,100 jobs being lost as part of the corporate merger. Read More
Amazon has today slashed the price of Samsung’s DeX-like Fast Charge Wireless Charging Convertible Stand by 24%, so you can currently pick one up for $67.99. Granted, that’s not exactly cheap, but it’s still a cool 22 bucks less than you’d pay if you walked into your local Best Buy store to pick one up. […]

While the game does have some fans, Mass Effect: Andromeda is generally regarded as a disappointment. Anticipation for BioWare's title reached huge levels in the months before its release, but arrived to mostly average reviews and so many technical problems that the company was forced to announce a series of...

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Cognata Daytime Control Rand Corporation reported in 2016 that autonomous cars would need to be tested over 11 billion miles in order to prove that they’re better drivers than humans. With a fleet of a hundred cars running 24 hours a day, that would take 500 years, according to the report. That seems both improbable and impractical, so companies like Cognata are filling the autonomous vehicle testing void… Read More