Photo: Amanda Hall / robertharding / Getty Images Non-profit technology policy organization Tech:NYC has joined a rising chorus of companies responding to Friday’s sweeping immigration ban, penning a letter condemning President Trump’s actions. The note pulls together a wide range of top executives from tech companies, investment firms and the like, including Indiegogo, Greylock Partners, Casper, Birchbox, Foursquare, Warby… Read More
cyber-security-data-phone Getting locked out of your account sucks. Almost everyone has experienced the frustration of forgetting a password, losing the phone on which they receive two-factor authentication codes, or jumbling the answer to a security question. But as exasperating as it is to lose access to your account, none of the widely-available measures for account recovery are very secure. Major breaches like… Read More
Microsoft, TeamsKirk Koenigsbauer, the Corporate Vice President, Office 365 Client Applications has taken to the Microsoft Office blog to highlight that Microsoft Teams is being used by 30,000 organizations, and in 145 markets and 19 languages.
Microsoft, BuildWe're still a couple of months away from Microsoft's Build 2017 developer conference, but those of you who have an RSVP code can now register for the event on the official website.
one-night-iphone-low-light-1 Apple is introducing a new billboard campaign today. The various “Shot on iPhone” ads have been quite effective. Somehow, seeing a giant photo on a billboard and thinking that it was shot with the phone you could have in your pocket works quite well. Of course, Apple works with professional photographers who know what they’re doing — my photos look nowhere as good. With… Read More