dropbox smart sync Dropbox today released Smart Sync, its tool that allows users to access files stored online in Dropbox accounts automatically on a desktop without having the file stored locally. Previously dubbed Dropbox Infinite, Smart Sync gives businesses a way to share and access files without needing to have massive ones stored on their desktop. The idea is that businesses regularly deal with piles… Read More
lyft-calendar Ride hailing app Lyft can now poll your calendar for suggested destinations right within the app itself, thanks to a new integration option being rolled out starting today. And coming soon, it’s going to let you specify your own shortcut destination options, in addition to “Home” and “Work,” letting you easily enter frequently visited spots so you don’t have… Read More
paperdoc Dropbox said today that it is rolling out Paper — its note-taking app that it’s emphasizing is a tool that’s built for managing workflow as well — globally. In addition to the regular launch of Paper, the company said that users will also be able to automatically generate presentations in Keynote and other applications through the app. Radhakrishnan said that users… Read More
fepxyqt5 Sure, building a startup is hard, but building a real community for a virtual industry may be the toughest challenge in tech. Upload was founded in the aftermath of Facebook’s Oculus VR acquisition as a meetup for VR founders and fanboys/fangirls to chat about their hopes for the space and their plans to make them happen. In the past couple years, Upload has managed to vastly… Read More
343 Industries will be hosting a live launch event broadcast with giveaways and interviews for Halo Wars 2 leading up to its release on February 17.