A couple of years ago Jobspotting, out of Berlin, decided job sites were dull and pretty useless (right?) so they put a modern search interface on top of results from third-party recruitment sites, weaved in your social accounts and applied an algorithm to give users better results. But although they raised a $500k seed round, they entered a tough market where similar players like Adzuna in the… Read More
Microsoft Authenticator Gets a New Phone Sign-In Option

Microsoft Authenticator has been updated on both Android and iPhone in recent days with an interesting new feature called phone sign-in.

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The Facebook-owned Instagram app update with Boomerang, night mode, and hands-free recording is only on select Windows 10 Mobile devices.
Tizen is, compared to the likes of Android, a “baby” OS, and it’s not surprising to see that some Tizen users have more than just a little respect and admiration for Tizen’s more massive mobile “cousin.” Google has released Nougat for the Pixel and Pixel XL as well as its current Nexus devices, and Samsung […]
machinelearning Machine learning is not new. We have witnessed it since the 1990s, when Amazon introduced a new “recommended for you” section for its users to display more personalized results. When we search for something on Google, machine learning is behind those search results. The “Friends” recommendations or the suggested pages on Facebook or a product recommendation depend on… Read More