Snowflakes Some 1.4 billion people lack access to electricity worldwide today, most in rural areas across Southeast Asia, China, India and Sub-Saharan Africa according to data from the OECD. While others are focused on wiring those places up and developing new energy sources, a startup called Evaptainers has created a kind of refrigerator that requires no electricity, runs instead on water, and can… Read More
 Major technology platforms shift every 10-15 years, with new platforms building on the ones they preceded. The PC was the platform of the early 80s, then the Internet came in the mid-90s to improve the functionality and connectedness of PCs, then the smartphone emerged in the mid-2000s to put an Internet-connected PC in everyone’s pocket. We’re due for the next major technology… Read More

If I run my PS4 for more than a couple of hours, it puts out a lot of heat. In fact, it will turn my usually cool man cave toasty warm. Other than some discomfort, which I can control by opening the windows, the heat it produces does not cause...

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First Ring Daily EP 166: Live From Floribama

Brad takes time out from his vacation to join us on this live episode of First Ring Daily and discuss the big news from the past week.

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A TechSpot member is looking to prevent static discharge that occurs when they touch their mouse upon returning to their PC. They hear the discharge happen and it occurs on multiple systems and mice. The house has been grounded, the desk and PC are on non-conductive surfaces yet the problem...

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