The new Echo is a better looking device than its predecessor, thanks in large part to its various fabric coverings. Now, there’s a new option for the outer shell: A PRODUCT(RED) special limited edition. The fabric outer comes in red, appropriately enough, and $10 of the purchase price (of $99.99, same as any other Echo) will go towards (RED)’s work fighting AIDS through the… Read More

Amazon has announced that it is launching a new Prime Original Series next year. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams will be a 10-episode sci-fi anthology based on the works of the iconic pulp science fiction author. Each standalone episode will be an adaptation of one of his stories.

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 On Monday, AT&T confirmed the U.S. Department of Justice’s decision to sue in order to block the company’s plans to purchase Time Warner for $85.4 billion. Earlier reports suggested that the DOJ would move against the deal if AT&T did not intend to sell CNN. CNN has a famously fraught relationship with the Trump administration which has gone out of its way to attack the… Read More

Capcom has revealed that every character in Street Fighter V will be getting a new V-Trigger move as part of the game’s upcoming Arcade Edition update. Some of the new moves were highlighted in a fresh teaser trailer that recently dropped.

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 While I stood anxiously atop a floating platform on my way to what felt like certain doom, I paused to remember my mission as I felt the pulsing heat of the lava planet Mustafar rising up from below me. With the fate of the galaxy in the hands of me and my new friends, I raced through corridors of the base, fighting waves of Stormtroopers, and coming face-to-face with pure evil. As my… Read More