Huddly has built a smart camera that only has one mission: make your video meetings more productive. Now for the most part, you probably don’t think much about what camera you use for your video conferences. They are pretty much all the same, after all. But Norway-based Huddly thinks its smart wide-angle GO camera, which is now shipping for $499 through its resellers and which will be… Read More
Ask Paul: December 15

Thanks, as always, to everyone who chimed in with some questions this week. Here's a gigantic "Ask Paul"...

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Mudbound Mudbound, a Dee Rees-directed film currently streaming on Netflix, is both epic and intimate, telling the intertwined stories of two families (one black, one white) farming on the Mississippi delta. That description might make the movie sound like a home work assignment, or perhaps a too-neat dissection of race relations in the American South. On the latest episode of the Original Content… Read More

One of the many factors that drove me away from Facebook more than five years ago was the fact that I had somehow amassed over 600 “friends” since joining in 2005. Even after purging half of my "friends," I couldn’t put up with all of the nonsense littering my feed...

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The Microsoft Courier, the mythical dual-screen tablet that provoked amazement and wonder…only to let us down by never being released. It was reported back in October that Microsoft was working on a similar concept called “Andromeda” that focused on pen and digital ink functionality. Now it looks a recent patent...

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